Amniotic fluid is gone

The Catalyst is a good song. I can’t name the style it presents. I just can’t.
At present I see one single weak side of the song – it’s poor in lyrics. And certain parts are repeated too many times – it’s tiring. I have this impression that they forced that song to be long – they wanted it to be long so much but they didn’t have such long idea for it.

I really like it though. And I’m pre-ordering A Thousand Suns. I fell this album will blow our minds.

Listen to The Catalyst here.

I love “lift me up, let me go” part.



3 comments on “Amniotic fluid is gone

  1. I sort of agree with you bud,but from a musicians standpoint,there is a huge reason for the length and the words chosen and re-said.Linkin Park has always been good at getting a message out there in every sense of the word “message”. I don’t know if you write music or whatnot but when you write,there’s a meaning in it,it almost sets a time stamp on a part of yours or someones life.Get what I’m sayin? I’m glad that you support LP,and I hope you’ll continue to.Peace

    • Probably you are right, but that’s how I (and a lot of people who don’t make music) see this song.
      But know I understand. Thanks.

      Of course I’m going to support them as I do since Crawling video was released. I feel this album is going to be a kich-ass.

      Take care :)

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