Rob&Big and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory

I’m here today to present you “Rob&Big and “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. To be honest, I was to tell you about it long time ago but I just forgot about it. Fortunately Drama remind me about it by posting on his blog trailer for 3rd season of Fantasy Factory.
But first things first. Everything started with Mike Shinoda. I’ve found out on Wikipedia that he showed in 1st season of Fantasy Factory. So I decided that I have to see it. I didn’t know in which episode exactly he showed up so I decided to start from the beginning. If I remember right, Mike showed up on 2nd episode. But I really liked Rob’s excesses so I watched the whole season. Then the second season. And then all 3 seasons of Rob&Big. I’ve watched it in wrong order but who cares.
Rob and his friends are so funny and reckless that it was nice to watch it. Plus skateboarding. I just couldn’t pass by it.
Rob Dyrdek is a 36-year-old kid. He’s not responsible, he does what he wants and he doesn’t give a shit about consequences. Sometimes you want to say “wake up Rob! You’re a grown-up man! Take the responsibility for your actions and stop being so reckless!” but mostly you just laugh with him and you are jealous of his independence and doing whatever he wants. I think world needs such people. They make it a funnier place.
Do you feel crappy sometimes? Watch Rob Dyrdek and you will feel better. It’s impossible to stay serious with him.

I really admire 23-year-old Chris “Drama” Pfaff (Rob’s cousin) for bearing Rob. He owes everything he has to Rob but he had a tough way to go. I mean Rob with Christopher “Big Black” Boykin used to make fun of him, before Rob moved his show to Fantasy Factory (so during “Rob&Big”) Drama had to clean the mess after Rob and sometimes it wasn’t pleasant. At present, in Fantasy Factory, his life is easier. Rob has built him his own recording studio “In God’s Hands” and helped him to make his own clothing company “Young&Reckless. But Chris has to accompany his cousin while fulfilling his whims – for example, Rob wants to be attacked by a shark and Drama has to be there with him. I really feel sorry for him because sharks scare the shit out of me.

I have found some videos on YouTooob so here you have a sneak peak of “Rob&Big” and “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory”. Maybe you will find it worth watching :)

One day Rob and Big went to the shop and noticed it:

They desired to turn up on the box of the cereal.

They have sent the picture to the “Kashi” company but they have never responded. So Rob decided to make his own box of cereal:

Commercial for Tag (body spray):

I don’t know what “Death Row” photo is about or what but Rob decided to make his own. Original:


The other night Rob went to the club with John Mayer and faked to be wasted. The next day tabloids couldn’t drop it. Nobody believed Rob and his mom was mad at him so…


I love Rob because he makes fun of everything.

I can’t wait for 3rd season of Fantasy Factory! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

If it wasn’t for Rob I would never know what Gymkhana is. Now I know and I love watching it.
Just check it out. It’s a masterpiece.

Gymkhana 2:

Gymkhana 2.1.:

I’m gonna leave you here. It’s your choice to check Rob out.



John Mayer

It’s time for the first music recommendation for you. And I don’t mean Linkin Park, Fort Minor or Dead By Sunrise. I’m talking about John Mayer.
He used to play acoustic rock back in 1999, but now he plays blues/soul/pop.

I first heard about him over a year ago because Fair Play Crew used his song – Waiting On The World To Change, in their combo. But just one week ago I really discovered him. I don’t remember how did it happen but I watched on YouToooob (you don’t know what is going with “YouToooob”? Check this out) performance of Gravity from Los Angeles in 2008 and I fell in love in the atmosphere of the concert and his voice. Two days later I have listened to all his albums.

Speaking of the climate of his performance. It’s magical, intimate. It’s completely different experience than after LP’s concert. Let me explain, because I know these two artists make two different kinds of music so their concerts have to be different too, but – let me explain.
First of all, it has to be remembered that I have never been to John Mayer’s concert and I’ve seen LP live two times.
When you see John you may have that impression that he performs for you only, that only you and he are on the venue. Additionally, when you look at his face while performing you may notice that he experiences it in a spiritual way. It also can be seen with LP but it gets lost somewhere. Mayer’s guitar solos sometimes make me bored, but maybe it’s because LP don’t have solos and I’m not used to it.
There’s one thing missing in John’s performances or I just have chosen wrong one (and it’s possible). Except “spiritual” connection with fan, John seems not to care about the contact with fans. He doesn’t talk to them much, doesn’t encourage them to sing with him and he turns away from them a lot while playing. And I appreciate when artist cooperate with fans during the performance. Among the other things, it’s all about that, isn’t it?
After LP’s concert I also missed the power among audience. At Mayer’s performance people just stand or sit and I need to jump, shout, share my energy with everybody around me including the performer. I would feel ignored. But as I said – LP taught me that.
But still, I want to experience John’s performance. I want to feel it. Lookintg forward to.
It has to be said, that some songs sound even better live than studio versions – everything because of the atmosphere and John’s voice. He sounds almost the same live as on the album. It becomes less and less nice to listen to Chester Bennington (LP’s vocalist) live. But I assess Mayer after watching a DVD from his concert in LA, and as it is known DVD’s are improved a little. And it should be also remembered that these men use their voices for different styles of singing, It wouldn’t be fair to Bennington to compare him with John. Chester’s voice is being more used up that Mayer’s, IMHO.

But enough about performing, even if I pay much attention to it. Let’s talk about songs. I don’t know yet if John’s songs help when somebody is mad or sad (I wasn’t mad/sad this week) but I know that they make me relaxed when I’m stressed. It’s a good background for working and doing nothing as well. You can work hardly while listening to John but you can also lay on the bed and just listen deeply into the words. It helps in both ways.
I found the material where John says that he doesn’t write his own lyrics and music. I don’t know why but I think it’s not good. I just have that statement in my head that musician has to write his own music and lyrics for his songs. I don’t know where it came from but it’s in my head and I stick to it.
The fact that he doesn’t write his music is even more weird because he is such a great, talented guitarist.
Ok, let’s leave it – it’s time for my favourite songs which may be a great beginning of your adventure with John Mayer ;) (order doesn’t matter):
Why Georgia, Your Body Is Wonderland, Neon, Covered In Rain, Clarity, Something’s Missing, Split Screen Sadness, Daughters, Only Heart, Waiting On The World To Change, I Don’t Trust Myself, Belief, Gravity, The Heart Of Life, Vultures, Stop This Train, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, Bold As Love, I’m Gonna Find Another You, Heartbreak Warfare, All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye, Who Says, Assassin, Edge Of Desire, Half Of My Heart.

In the end, check my favourite lives:

Thanks for your attention, I hope you will even check him out – he is worth it.

816th pic: