– time to do something for a charity!

It’s time for me to do something for the world. Let’s go!
Thanks to Music For Relief’s Twitter (by the way, I recommend you to follow it) I discovered’s latest operation for charity which I am able to participate in without any effort.
You see, it’s very easy. All I needed to do was to install iGive Toolbar in my web browser and search through it. It’s easy, isn’t it?
One entry = one penny.
You can help much more – if you like shopping by the Internet use this toolbar as well because a portion of each purchase will be donated to Music For Relief for free.
I don’t like any toolbars in my web browser because I want it to look as simply as it’s possible. But this time I decided to make an exception. At least that I can do for the world.
If you want to do the same go here.
If you want to know what Music For Relief is or what the latest actions for charity are go here.