“Speak softly. Carry big stick”

So I’m sitting in a tram and on one of the stops the guy gets on the tram.  He was quite big but if you would see his stick you wouldn’t pay attention to his size. The stick was HUGE and was engraved with words:


So deep, dude,


m^2 x 4

Christmas time. m got an useful book.
m: „Did you get any interesting christmas gifts?”
M: “it depends on how you understand “interesting”. (…) and what did you get?”
m: „(…) and a book with >interesting< title: „success philosophy – FUCK IT. Fuck your plan for today. Let something amazing happen.”
M: „are you suggesting something? ;p”

m^2 x 3

The other night M made m a love bite. The next day m’s waking up with a huge red spot on her neck which was hard to hide. She texted M:
“Hi, what am I? I’m big, red, visible and hard to hide. What am I?”
„You’re an abashment ;p”

m^2 x 2

m’s sitting on M’s laps. It’s quite late at night. She has her head nestled to his neck with her eyes closed.
M: “are you sleeping?”
m: “yeeeeaaaah…”
M: “why?”
m: “because I feel so good…”
(long silence)
M: “do you always fall asleep when you feel good…?”
m: lol

m^2 x 1

Last night, 9pm.
m just got back home from her appointment with dentist, M went swimming with his friends. Entering the living room m notices her dad watching a football game. It turns out it’s FC Barcelona vs. some team (who cares about other team? What matters is that Barcelona is playing!). m doesn’t really like football (she only likes watching it with male-friends while drinking) but since it’s M’s favourite team and he isn’t able to watch it she decided to make him a surprise. So since 50th minute of the game she was watching trying to remember more important situations. Even if it was boring as hell. When the game finished she texted M:
“3:1 for Barcelona! ;* first 2 goals done by Sanchez and the last one is Messi’s – he did it with a swing. Look at me – I’m so informed! :D”
So excited about the surprise she couldn’t wait for his reply, as he knows she doesn’t give a shit about football.
“Yes honey but it’s yesterday’s score ;)”

And she was certain she’s watching live.