Gymkhana THREE

Finally it’s here! Couldn’t wait to see it any longer. It’s about time.

Fresh takes, new combos (can I call it like that? I dunno how to call it), awesome location. Great job of Ken Block and his Team. Bravo! But if I were that guy who drives “Obama can’t Gymkhana” I would be spooked as hell :)

I really like those “pirouettes in the water”. Wonderful result. But I missed ink balloons and running over the lamps. It would be boring to do the same for the 3rd time but I really like it. Action with lamps were so-promised in Part 1 which was released few weeks ago:

On the other hand the last part is the worst one. Gymkhana 2 is made as a story, it is more spectacular… it just blows your mind. Gymkhana 2.1 is funny, while Gymkhana 3 is… still awesome but not spectacular imho.

So, in my opinion:

Gymkhana 2 > Gymkhana 2.1 > Gymkhana 3

But I still love G3. I still enjoy it.

On the other hand, who I am to assess it? I don’t even know how he does it! xD