Offical end of School

Yesterday was an official end of school. We got our school reports, honorable and prizes for taking part in sport competitions and knowledge contests.
I’m free and it’s official now.
My grades that are useless while attending to college (sorry if I translated wrong names of subjects but it was quite difficult for me):
Polish Language: 4 (USA/GB: C)
English Language (extended level): 5 (B)
German Language (standard level): 4 (C)
History: 5 (B)
Social Education: 5 (B)
Cultual Education: 5 (B)
Mathematics (extended level): 3 (D)
Physics: 5 (B)
Chemistry: 4 (C)
Biology: 4 (C)
Geography (extended level): 4 (C)
Business Studies: 5 (B)
Computer Studies/Information Technology/Information and Communication Technology: 5 (B)
Physical Education: 5 (B)
Defensive Education: 5 (B)
Religious Education: 5 (B)

I made it very well this year. But the question is: what was the use?

A big surprise for every graduate were LipDub Awards. Good, yet we promoted out school in TV. We were awarded in 10 categories. I don’t remember all of them but my class was nominated in 4 of them and we won 3 awards. A friend of mine won “the best lipduber” statuette, I don’t remember the second category another friend won but I remember the last one. I still cannot understand why I won statuette in “the best individual dance” category LOL. First of all, I’m not dancing in the LipDub (or maybe I am if you call jumping and shaking my head and hands a dance) and I don’t show there individually but with the group.
I don’t know, check it out and tell me if I’m dancing or not (I’m wearing black dungarees, white-purple T-shirt and I have straight hair and fringe):

I’m not saying I’m not pleased but it bothers me.
When I was collecting my statuette I lost my shoe. Fortunately I camouflaged it so not everyone managed to notice it :)

Statuette is kinda rural but who cares. It makes me laugh everytime I look at it LOL

Lucky 312th picture: