What a relief! End-of-term examinations are over. I passed everything on the first approach (I don’t have to retake any exams). I can finally take a breath and do nothing. Simply nothing.

I’m at home now, with my parents, and I have to say I haven’t thought I’d ever miss my hometown where I’m dependent. But I really did. You see, last 3 weeks at my flat in Cracow were the worst weeks ever. Everyone was learning so it was very quiet. The silence was killing us. From time to time one of us couldn’t take it anymore and screamed “I can’t do this anymore!” or “I’m sick of it!”. Believe me or not but we were going nuts in there. Our flat turned into a madhouse.

So I’m glad I’m out of there. Until the end of January the flat was a place of fun, independence, positive craziness but when the end-of-term examinations began this flat started to wake negative associations and it still does. I hope it’ll pass very soon. As soon as my habit of learning. You see, I got into this “hard learning” so deep I don’t know what to do now. Everything I do that is not connected to learning makes me feel bad. I feel sick.

Unfortunately, girls (my flatmates) aren’t done with their examinations yet. I feel very bad for them. They’re tired of this as I was (I didn’t even have strength to be happy outside yesterday) but there’s still long way for them to go. They have more exams than I did that less convenient scheduled. Fingers crossed!

But forget it. I’m happy I’m over it and can’t wait 25th of February ‘cause then we are going to party. The semester starts on 21.02 but I don’t care. I really need to get on the dance floor, drink a lil’bit too much and simply talk silly ‘cause I haven’t done it for more than a month. All I need to do is wait for girls. I can do it. We were at this together and we will get out of it together as well.

Now I have time to think about Linkin Park’s European summer tour. Have to think everything through and start collecting money. This summer I’m seeing them live – period. I’m only interested in Leipzig so far but I’m waiting for dates closer to Poland. Czech Republic maybe? Would be awesome!


PS. Check out brand new album of Red – Until We Have Faces. Some songs are really good. I personally fell in love with Buried Beneath and Not Alone.


Long time no speak

Long time no speak, huh?

3rd month of my education at university has just started. During these 2 months I’ve managed to get familiar with all of this. Do I like it, not sure. I thought I’d learn something more on English. I’m on B2 level (A1

If it goes about Russian – I find it to be kinda funny. The way it sounds, the way it’s letters look like, the way it’s being stressed, it’s all funny. It was difficult at first, because I had to learn all letters and then learn to read it. It was like in the first year of primary school. But now, I think, I’m getting better and better at this. I won’t say learning this language is like a piece of cake but it’s not that hard.

I hate my neighbours.

But first things first. 2 hours ago a constable visited us (me and my flatmates) to ask if we are those young people who disturb nights in our block of flats. He got a complaint about it but the complainer hasn’t told the exact number of flat. We told him it couldn’t be us because we don’t do any parties at our flat (true – I’m not that stupid to throw a party on my flat and then pay for the possible damages) but he didn’t believe us, of course. “So who is it?” he attacked, and we said we have no idea, because we haven’t heard anything (true – walls in our tenement house are very thick), what made him more suspicious than before. He asked us which flats are rented by other students and the only one we know of are 4 girls living the next door, so we said so but we mentioned it couldn’t be them as well.

By the way, these girls have thrown a birthday party two weeks ago but they have made a notice on the elevator saying sorry for possible noises. But it was two weeks ago and we barely heard anything. I believe this disturbance took place yesterday and it had to be someone living higher.

But it’s not all, suddenly he asked us if we are registered. At first we said, we are (because our land lord said he’s going to registered only 4 of us so we thought we are registered), but then he asked about document as a proof, so we said our land lord has it. He said we should have it not our land lord and said that if we are not registered it’s offense against law. I was spooked at that moment, we all were. Fortunately, he only said we should do it and left. And I’m pretty sure he’ll be back to check it. If he won’t find guilties and I’m sure he won’t (he does not know number of flat for god’s sake! Nobody will admit to the fault!) he’ll be back soon. But this time we’ll be prepared – the fine is 500złotys what is 100złotys per person what is 1/5 of my pocket money.

Dear neighbours, if you have to complain, at least say who you are complaining for instead of making all students who rent a flat at you block of flats, being suspected! I hate when people say “Noise? Party? Something wrong? It have to be students!”. Bullshit, that’s all I have to say to you. And don’t exaggerate because we haven’t heard anything and you are already calling the Police? Wait! It looks like you haven’t even warn those party people but first thing you did was calling the Police. Ridiculous and boorish!

Speaking of parties, check Get Busy Committee’s latest video of Opening Ceremony. Give the song a chance – I didn’t like it at first but now I think it’s crazy.

Lucky 603rd picture:

PS. Have you noticed it’s snowing at the top of the page?

– паркэр (parker)

What is up.

I wanted to post this picture on the 1st of October but I haven’t had access to the Internet since 30th of September until today (by Owen Glidersleeve,credits:
I think it perfectly suits the occasion.

So on the 30.09 I left home and moved in to my flat in Cracow. I live there with four girls Aga x2, Paulina and Pamela. I know both Agas very well – they are two of my closest friends, while Paulina and Pamela are one of Agas friends. But we managed to liked each other very much during these 9 days.
We moved in on 30.09 and I felt the fresh puff of freedom nearly the same day. No more parental control, no more worrying if the teacher will phone them if I play a truant, just pure freedom. Some people would say “ok, but now you have to prepare your meals all by yourself, nobody will do it for you”, and I have to say I was worried about it, but now I know I like it, so far. I don’t think it’s tiring – it’s fun for me. During this 9 days I have only once eaten in McDonald’s and it was on the first day and it was sapper (I just haven’t thought about sapper when I was leaving the flat for the night). I like cleaning so I don’t have problems with cleaning the whole 75-square-metre-flat (of course we have divided the duties with weekly shifts). I like doing shopping, I like walking on the city all by myself. So I just love being independent so far ;) The time will show us the future of it.

If it goes about college – I am disappointed. I have imagined it to be different from high school while it’s almost the same. You still have to be prepared all the time because the “teacher” (in Poland the teacher in college is called in several different ways in dependence of his task – like lecturer – but you can’t call him a normal teacher) can take you to do the exercise on the blackboard and assess your work there, there are homeworks for tomorrow, there are short test of 4 lessons that nobody knows about until the moment the teacher tells you to write them, etc.
Of course there are some differences (the most important):
– you don’t have one class – people that you are learning with change on some subjects,
– nothing is announced to everybody – you have to get to know everything on your own,
– nobody tells you what to do – you are on your own,
– teachers may be mean whenever they want and you cannot do a thing with it but they also may be very cool and doesn’t require a lot,
– you have to wear smart clothes on exams, tests,
– nobody cares if you haven’t had some topics/things in high school – you just have to learn it on your own,
– lectures, lessons with exercising , courses last 90 minutes not 45 like it was in high school,
– there are gaps in the tometable.
Now I’m just disappointed but I think it’ll pass. Yet so many people say college is the best time of life. And I hope so.
By the way, I learn Russian. I wanted Spanish but there were no more vacants so I had no other choice but choose Russian. I have had one course so far and I have to say that this language is very funny.

My “class” (group) has problems with integration. They seem to be as shy as I am so we suck. I think I have to grab myself together and make a meeting.

What about Cracow? It’s a beautiful city even if I haven’t managed to get to know all about and of it. I don’t regret resignation of college in Wrocław and Katowice.
By the way, have I mentioned I stared in a tv show? Calm down, hold on with autographs :P I was walking on the street with Pam when we noticed 6 people with cameras and some characteristic movie objects. We were about to skirt them because we’ve noticed they are shooting but the man in black cup told us to forget about it and just walk. And we did so. Probably they won’t use exact this shoot but maybe… who knows :P so I’m waiting to make my back famous! LOL Probably it was polish tv show called “Detektywi” (“Private detectves”) because few days later they were shooting a scene next to my friends block of flats in Cracow. So fame, I’m ready for you! xD

I miss my dog the most. He is here all alone now since Dino is gone, and I have nothing to cuddle in Cracow…

Hope to write to you soon,