What a relief! End-of-term examinations are over. I passed everything on the first approach (I don’t have to retake any exams). I can finally take a breath and do nothing. Simply nothing.

I’m at home now, with my parents, and I have to say I haven’t thought I’d ever miss my hometown where I’m dependent. But I really did. You see, last 3 weeks at my flat in Cracow were the worst weeks ever. Everyone was learning so it was very quiet. The silence was killing us. From time to time one of us couldn’t take it anymore and screamed “I can’t do this anymore!” or “I’m sick of it!”. Believe me or not but we were going nuts in there. Our flat turned into a madhouse.

So I’m glad I’m out of there. Until the end of January the flat was a place of fun, independence, positive craziness but when the end-of-term examinations began this flat started to wake negative associations and it still does. I hope it’ll pass very soon. As soon as my habit of learning. You see, I got into this “hard learning” so deep I don’t know what to do now. Everything I do that is not connected to learning makes me feel bad. I feel sick.

Unfortunately, girls (my flatmates) aren’t done with their examinations yet. I feel very bad for them. They’re tired of this as I was (I didn’t even have strength to be happy outside yesterday) but there’s still long way for them to go. They have more exams than I did that less convenient scheduled. Fingers crossed!

But forget it. I’m happy I’m over it and can’t wait 25th of February ‘cause then we are going to party. The semester starts on 21.02 but I don’t care. I really need to get on the dance floor, drink a lil’bit too much and simply talk silly ‘cause I haven’t done it for more than a month. All I need to do is wait for girls. I can do it. We were at this together and we will get out of it together as well.

Now I have time to think about Linkin Park’s European summer tour. Have to think everything through and start collecting money. This summer I’m seeing them live – period. I’m only interested in Leipzig so far but I’m waiting for dates closer to Poland. Czech Republic maybe? Would be awesome!


PS. Check out brand new album of Red – Until We Have Faces. Some songs are really good. I personally fell in love with Buried Beneath and Not Alone.