Looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g.



My uncle found this little cuteness (vet said he is abt 4 months old) 2 days ago. Somebody has left him in the woods (n/c on that).
Because Dino died few months ago and Mufas is all alone now, we decided to take this sweete under our roof. Unfortunately Mufas reacted very aggressively and we just cannot keep him. It’s a pity ‘cause he’s really cute.
But my uncle is keeping him so I’ll be able to see him from time to time.
He has 2 different eyelashes. One is white and the 2nd is black. His fur is like fluff so I think his name will be Fluffy. His ears are funny ‘cause one of them stands all the time while the 2nd droops (you can see that in the picture). He’s also very friendly. Picture all of that and you’ll love him right away. Pure cuteness.

Long time no speak

Long time no speak, huh?

3rd month of my education at university has just started. During these 2 months I’ve managed to get familiar with all of this. Do I like it, not sure. I thought I’d learn something more on English. I’m on B2 level (A1

If it goes about Russian – I find it to be kinda funny. The way it sounds, the way it’s letters look like, the way it’s being stressed, it’s all funny. It was difficult at first, because I had to learn all letters and then learn to read it. It was like in the first year of primary school. But now, I think, I’m getting better and better at this. I won’t say learning this language is like a piece of cake but it’s not that hard.

I hate my neighbours.

But first things first. 2 hours ago a constable visited us (me and my flatmates) to ask if we are those young people who disturb nights in our block of flats. He got a complaint about it but the complainer hasn’t told the exact number of flat. We told him it couldn’t be us because we don’t do any parties at our flat (true – I’m not that stupid to throw a party on my flat and then pay for the possible damages) but he didn’t believe us, of course. “So who is it?” he attacked, and we said we have no idea, because we haven’t heard anything (true – walls in our tenement house are very thick), what made him more suspicious than before. He asked us which flats are rented by other students and the only one we know of are 4 girls living the next door, so we said so but we mentioned it couldn’t be them as well.

By the way, these girls have thrown a birthday party two weeks ago but they have made a notice on the elevator saying sorry for possible noises. But it was two weeks ago and we barely heard anything. I believe this disturbance took place yesterday and it had to be someone living higher.

But it’s not all, suddenly he asked us if we are registered. At first we said, we are (because our land lord said he’s going to registered only 4 of us so we thought we are registered), but then he asked about document as a proof, so we said our land lord has it. He said we should have it not our land lord and said that if we are not registered it’s offense against law. I was spooked at that moment, we all were. Fortunately, he only said we should do it and left. And I’m pretty sure he’ll be back to check it. If he won’t find guilties and I’m sure he won’t (he does not know number of flat for god’s sake! Nobody will admit to the fault!) he’ll be back soon. But this time we’ll be prepared – the fine is 500złotys what is 100złotys per person what is 1/5 of my pocket money.

Dear neighbours, if you have to complain, at least say who you are complaining for instead of making all students who rent a flat at you block of flats, being suspected! I hate when people say “Noise? Party? Something wrong? It have to be students!”. Bullshit, that’s all I have to say to you. And don’t exaggerate because we haven’t heard anything and you are already calling the Police? Wait! It looks like you haven’t even warn those party people but first thing you did was calling the Police. Ridiculous and boorish!

Speaking of parties, check Get Busy Committee’s latest video of Opening Ceremony. Give the song a chance – I didn’t like it at first but now I think it’s crazy.

Lucky 603rd picture:

PS. Have you noticed it’s snowing at the top of the page?

– паркэр (parker)

Coke Live Music Festival 2010

I’m going to tell how it was on one day with Coke Live Music Festival in Cracow.

I won’t make you bore with details of the entire day. Let’s focus on the most important things.
Even if I don’t know any of the N.E.R.D.’s lyrics I had a great time on their concert. Especially as I wanted to get near to the gates to see 30 Seconds To Mars from the first row. I had to fill small holes among people to get there. It was a lot of fun. Additionally, Pharrell and his crew know how to entertain people.

Pharrell: is there anybody who smokes pot? (thousands of hands lifted up) You shouldn’t – it’s wrong. (big smile).

In 30 minutes break before 30STM the crowd went crazy. People from the back and edges started to pressed on to the front and the middle started to push it back. It was horrible. I was in the centre of it and I couldn’t breathe. I was also very afraid of falling on the ground (you remember what happened in Germany a couple of weeks ago) so me and my friend decided to return to back. It’s a pity because there were only 4 people between me and the gates. But on the other hand there were a huge crush and (I don’t know why) I saw less than few meters back. But all in all I don’t regret returning back.

During the show (which was amazing by the way) Jared Leto left the stage and used the special passage in the middle of the crowd and stood very close to me. Everybody started to push on the middle gates so did I. I was so close of touching him. One person less between me and him and I would have touch his hand. But it’s not everything. Before Kings And Queens he asked some people (20-30?) to get on the stage. He picked some of them but most of people just jump through the gates and got on the stage. I decided to do the same. I jumped through the gates (my friend helped me a lot with this) in the middle and headed for the stage. I had that beautiful picture in my mind that I am standing next to the band I can see all these people from the stage. It was beautiful.

But here the nice part ends. As I was heading for the stage the security decided there are too many people on the stage and started to return us (those who jumped through the gates) to the crowd with back entrance. So I haven’t even touch the stage. But it was worth trying.

When the guard grabbed me kindly I haven’t resisted because it was his job to protect the band and I understand it but some of the girls started to fight with them, scream, dig their heels in. It was pitiful.
I enjoyed the show anyway. I can even say it was the best concert I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Linkin Park has the same great contact with fans as 30Seconds To Mars but they barely let fans get on the stage. Plus I have seen the stage all the time and it changes everything (even if I don’t like the way the bands looks, I mean their style. But I love their music).

So there is one conclusion, next time I will be on LP’s concert I have to see them directly, not the back of the heads of thousands of people as it was on both 2 LP’s concerts I have been to ;)

We left the crowd after 30STM and watched The Chemical Brothers from the back. I don’t like techno but I had fun on their concert – I was dancing a lot. But it’s not the same. I missed that nobody is talking to me, that I cannot sing. But I have to say that visual effects were awesome and did a great job.

One of the best nights ever. Because who cares that every single muscle hurts me today? Who cares I have 20 bruises and scratches? In the end everything boils down to an awesome experiences, memories and fun. But everything with deliberation!

P.S.: I discovered I love such events. Even if I don’t like the artist I have a great time among thousands of people. They give me some kind of energy, they drug me. Of course I don’t like fighting-for-my-own-life-part but when we jump and sing at the same time… it’s amazing.



Have you ever heard about Poolga.com?
I’ll let it introduce itself:
Poolga is all about art and design on hand-held devices and discovering talented illustrators and designers. We think that the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are ideal devices for carrying around and showing off artwork. We focus on illustration and graphic design, but occasionally touch photography, typography and the fine arts.

I use it for my LG and it works as well so whatever mobile phone you have, check it out – it’s worth it.
I like it because a lot of good works of art can be found there and I change my wallpaper very often. SOme of them are just funny. I like those wallpapers because they are simple.

I encourage you to check artists who make those artworks as well. Some of them make other things connected with art.