My uncle found this little cuteness (vet said he is abt 4 months old) 2 days ago. Somebody has left him in the woods (n/c on that).
Because Dino died few months ago and Mufas is all alone now, we decided to take this sweete under our roof. Unfortunately Mufas reacted very aggressively and we just cannot keep him. It’s a pity ‘cause he’s really cute.
But my uncle is keeping him so I’ll be able to see him from time to time.
He has 2 different eyelashes. One is white and the 2nd is black. His fur is like fluff so I think his name will be Fluffy. His ears are funny ‘cause one of them stands all the time while the 2nd droops (you can see that in the picture). He’s also very friendly. Picture all of that and you’ll love him right away. Pure cuteness.


PTROA – Stand By Animals In China

Tens of millions of animals are slaughtered and butchered in China each year. Animal fur is in high demand, and the Chinese deliver. What does not get exported outside of China usually ends up on a dinner plate. The sad fact is that the animals suffer horrendous torture. They are captured on the streets, and packed by the dozens into small cages, without ability to move. They are then tossed like inanimate objects from the trucks, onto the ground, hitting each other and the steel cages. These cages are later stacked, and the real nightmare begins. The animal is brutally pulled out of the cage, and tied to prevent resistance. It is lightly stunned by a blow on the head, but still alive. If the animal is not heavy, the worker holds it by its hind legs, waves it in the air and then bashes its head against the ground. Once the animal is subdued, a new and incomprehensible stage in this ongoing nightmare begins. The worker cuts a tiny incision in the animal’s rear, and then methodically peels away the skin. This skinning process takes about a minute, during which the worker actively keeps the animal alive, as it is believed that it is easier to skin the animal while it is still warm and blood flows through its veins. The nightmare does not end here. The final stage in this unbelievable horror is when the animal is tossed aside, and slowly, amidst a heap of its dying friends, it perishes as it is no longer able to withstand the pain. In other cases, when the animal’s fur is not needed (mostly with cats), the animals are put in a sack, and are then cooked alive in a barrel of boiling water.
This process is extremely hard to digest, but we believe it is not propelled by cruelty, but rather by ignorance and lack of awareness to animal needs. The workers do not think to kill the animal before they begin, and are not aware of the animal’s suffering. Our commitment is to provide enlightenment. It is our moral obligation to these animals. If we shut our eyes this will not go away!

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I still cannot brace myself after watching the video.
The only thing I am able to say right now is to ask you to sign the petition. At least that we can do.