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What is up.

I wanted to post this picture on the 1st of October but I haven’t had access to the Internet since 30th of September until today (by Owen Glidersleeve,credits: Poolga.com)
I think it perfectly suits the occasion.

So on the 30.09 I left home and moved in to my flat in Cracow. I live there with four girls Aga x2, Paulina and Pamela. I know both Agas very well – they are two of my closest friends, while Paulina and Pamela are one of Agas friends. But we managed to liked each other very much during these 9 days.
We moved in on 30.09 and I felt the fresh puff of freedom nearly the same day. No more parental control, no more worrying if the teacher will phone them if I play a truant, just pure freedom. Some people would say “ok, but now you have to prepare your meals all by yourself, nobody will do it for you”, and I have to say I was worried about it, but now I know I like it, so far. I don’t think it’s tiring – it’s fun for me. During this 9 days I have only once eaten in McDonald’s and it was on the first day and it was sapper (I just haven’t thought about sapper when I was leaving the flat for the night). I like cleaning so I don’t have problems with cleaning the whole 75-square-metre-flat (of course we have divided the duties with weekly shifts). I like doing shopping, I like walking on the city all by myself. So I just love being independent so far ;) The time will show us the future of it.

If it goes about college – I am disappointed. I have imagined it to be different from high school while it’s almost the same. You still have to be prepared all the time because the “teacher” (in Poland the teacher in college is called in several different ways in dependence of his task – like lecturer – but you can’t call him a normal teacher) can take you to do the exercise on the blackboard and assess your work there, there are homeworks for tomorrow, there are short test of 4 lessons that nobody knows about until the moment the teacher tells you to write them, etc.
Of course there are some differences (the most important):
– you don’t have one class – people that you are learning with change on some subjects,
– nothing is announced to everybody – you have to get to know everything on your own,
– nobody tells you what to do – you are on your own,
– teachers may be mean whenever they want and you cannot do a thing with it but they also may be very cool and doesn’t require a lot,
– you have to wear smart clothes on exams, tests,
– nobody cares if you haven’t had some topics/things in high school – you just have to learn it on your own,
– lectures, lessons with exercising , courses last 90 minutes not 45 like it was in high school,
– there are gaps in the tometable.
Now I’m just disappointed but I think it’ll pass. Yet so many people say college is the best time of life. And I hope so.
By the way, I learn Russian. I wanted Spanish but there were no more vacants so I had no other choice but choose Russian. I have had one course so far and I have to say that this language is very funny.

My “class” (group) has problems with integration. They seem to be as shy as I am so we suck. I think I have to grab myself together and make a meeting.

What about Cracow? It’s a beautiful city even if I haven’t managed to get to know all about and of it. I don’t regret resignation of college in Wrocław and Katowice.
By the way, have I mentioned I stared in a tv show? Calm down, hold on with autographs :P I was walking on the street with Pam when we noticed 6 people with cameras and some characteristic movie objects. We were about to skirt them because we’ve noticed they are shooting but the man in black cup told us to forget about it and just walk. And we did so. Probably they won’t use exact this shoot but maybe… who knows :P so I’m waiting to make my back famous! LOL Probably it was polish tv show called “Detektywi” (“Private detectves”) because few days later they were shooting a scene next to my friends block of flats in Cracow. So fame, I’m ready for you! xD

I miss my dog the most. He is here all alone now since Dino is gone, and I have nothing to cuddle in Cracow…

Hope to write to you soon,



Have you ever heard about Poolga.com?
I’ll let it introduce itself:
Poolga is all about art and design on hand-held devices and discovering talented illustrators and designers. We think that the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are ideal devices for carrying around and showing off artwork. We focus on illustration and graphic design, but occasionally touch photography, typography and the fine arts.

I use it for my LG and it works as well so whatever mobile phone you have, check it out – it’s worth it.
I like it because a lot of good works of art can be found there and I change my wallpaper very often. SOme of them are just funny. I like those wallpapers because they are simple.

I encourage you to check artists who make those artworks as well. Some of them make other things connected with art.


Master and Margarita exhibition

On Sunday 11th July I was on the first exhibition in my life. It was a small local exhibition called Master and Margarita. There could be seen works of art of my aunt Małgorzata Chebel and her two friends Katarzyna Stawerska-Kula and Jarosław Kula.

Sorry for the crappy pictures but the room was really small and there were a lot of people inside so I had little time to take the photographs. There are less pictures of Master’s works because I didn’t managed to do more and my aunts works had a priority, I hope you understand ;)

Master and Margarita

Katarzyna Stawarska-Kula and Jarosław Kula – Master
Marriage has been running atelier in Częstochowa for 10 years while cooperating with Creators Of Sacred Art Society “ECLEZJA” in Cracow.

Studio specialize in painting classical byzantine icons and sacred art of XV. century.

Works of art that were presented on the exhibition are made in unique egg tempera technique with application of gilding. Artists rely upon techniques from period until XV. century.

Their works can be found in the whole Poland and Europe, in private collections in the USA, Australia, Mexico and in Vatican Museums as well.

And my favourite of Master’s work – Padre Pio.

Małgorzata Chebel – Margaret

Numerous trips inter alia to Moscow, Lvov, Vilnius, Kaunas, Druskininkai, Navahradak and also open airs to Smolensk and Crimea caused enchantment and fascination with Orthodox art, in particular with eastern byzantine painting seen in many iconostasis in Orthodox churches.

Has being fascinated for 5 years, she decided to explore art of icons what beared fruits in the first cycle of icons in oil technique.

Her works can be found in private collections in Poland and abroad.

This one is painted on sheet metal that comes from roof of burned library in Jasna Góra.

My favourite – Cross of St Damian.