am from Poland.
am 19 years old.
am short.
am definitely not normal.
am interested in Mike Shinoda.
am interested in music.
am coward.
am poorly talented.
am sometimes very lazy.
am talkative.
am shy.
am pale.
am Linkin Park’s fan since May, 2001, I guess.
am not patient.
have two dogs.
have short fingers.
have small palms.
have dark blond hair.
have grey or green or blue eyes – hard to decide.
have problems with distinguishing sarcasm and irony.
wish I could fly.
want to have tattoo.
want to meet Shinoda.
want to move to Los Angeles someday.
want to travel around the world.
want to go to John Mayer’s concert.
want to have my friends always close to me.
want everybody to be happy.
want to help people in need.
think I am weird.
don’t like birds.
like baking.
like watching men while they’re working on music.
like watching NBA.
like watching extreme sports.
can’t live without my friends.
always wanted to have tanned complexion.
suck at mathematics.


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