It’s amazing how the one person can change other person’s life.


No tricks this time – I’m talking about myself.

I’m not the same person I used to be almost 10 months ago.
I’m more self-confident now. I explore my value that I seem to have forgotten about.
I smile a lot as I always used to, but now almost every smile is frank. Because sometimes laugh and smile were my way to deal with tough things, now I barely have to.

Along many good things I’ve gotten that.

I’ve gotten so much and I know it’s only begun.
I still cannot believe it’s true.
But I hope I’m not dreaming.
Taking it away from me would be cruel.
I feel so strong, so safe, so good.

Somebody needs to hear this. Of course he knows that.
I need to say repeat that. As it’s important.

Say it. Say it many times. Such things have to be told. Such things have to be heard.


m^2 x 4

Christmas time. m got an useful book.
m: „Did you get any interesting christmas gifts?”
M: “it depends on how you understand “interesting”. (…) and what did you get?”
m: „(…) and a book with >interesting< title: „success philosophy – FUCK IT. Fuck your plan for today. Let something amazing happen.”
M: „are you suggesting something? ;p”

m^2 x 3

The other night M made m a love bite. The next day m’s waking up with a huge red spot on her neck which was hard to hide. She texted M:
“Hi, what am I? I’m big, red, visible and hard to hide. What am I?”
„You’re an abashment ;p”

m^2 x 2

m’s sitting on M’s laps. It’s quite late at night. She has her head nestled to his neck with her eyes closed.
M: “are you sleeping?”
m: “yeeeeaaaah…”
M: “why?”
m: “because I feel so good…”
(long silence)
M: “do you always fall asleep when you feel good…?”
m: lol

m^2 x 1

Last night, 9pm.
m just got back home from her appointment with dentist, M went swimming with his friends. Entering the living room m notices her dad watching a football game. It turns out it’s FC Barcelona vs. some team (who cares about other team? What matters is that Barcelona is playing!). m doesn’t really like football (she only likes watching it with male-friends while drinking) but since it’s M’s favourite team and he isn’t able to watch it she decided to make him a surprise. So since 50th minute of the game she was watching trying to remember more important situations. Even if it was boring as hell. When the game finished she texted M:
“3:1 for Barcelona! ;* first 2 goals done by Sanchez and the last one is Messi’s – he did it with a swing. Look at me – I’m so informed! :D”
So excited about the surprise she couldn’t wait for his reply, as he knows she doesn’t give a shit about football.
“Yes honey but it’s yesterday’s score ;)”

And she was certain she’s watching live.