The Universe obviously doesn’t want me to pierce my ears.

The Universe doesn’t want me to pierce my ears. Seriously. It became so obvious today that it cannot be denied.

Few years ago I pierced my ears but 1st of all, it was made wrong – not symmetrical. Secondly, I didn’t like it (I have tiny ears). So I’ve stopped wearing them right on the next day. (it was stupid, I know, but it has happened, it’s too late).

On this year’s January I decided I’ll give ear piercing the 2nd chance in March. I don’t want to over pay for it by doing it in Cracow so I want to pierce  them here, in my hometown. Because I’m too lazy to get up earlier on my free days I had few chances to do it :P

But at the beginning of April I got up earlier to go to the beauty salon and finally do it. But nothing happened. I was there at 9am to find out the salon starts work at 11am. I didn’t want to wait because I had work to do.

But nevermind.

Yesterday I decided to give it a 3rd chance (since I have short hair I thought it’d nice to have ears pierced). I’ve checked the salon’s website that says they start work at 9am (this time we’re talking about different beauty salon than before). I got up, got there to find out it’s closed.

Don’t you see here the message: DON’T PIERCE YOUR EARS?

F***k it. I’m doing it in Cracow.


2 comments on “The Universe obviously doesn’t want me to pierce my ears.

    • I haven’t LOL Now I just keep changing my mind. Once I think it’s a great idea, next time I think my ears are just too small. And now I have 9 hours in a train waiting for me (I’m going on vacations in 6 days) and I don’t won’t to pierce them ’cause knowing my body I’ll get an infection or something and I don’t want to suffer 9 hours in a train ;)
      But I’m getting closer… ;P

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