My uncle found this little cuteness (vet said he is abt 4 months old) 2 days ago. Somebody has left him in the woods (n/c on that).
Because Dino died few months ago and Mufas is all alone now, we decided to take this sweete under our roof. Unfortunately Mufas reacted very aggressively and we just cannot keep him. It’s a pity ‘cause he’s really cute.
But my uncle is keeping him so I’ll be able to see him from time to time.
He has 2 different eyelashes. One is white and the 2nd is black. His fur is like fluff so I think his name will be Fluffy. His ears are funny ‘cause one of them stands all the time while the 2nd droops (you can see that in the picture). He’s also very friendly. Picture all of that and you’ll love him right away. Pure cuteness.


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