Long time no speak

Long time no speak, huh?

3rd month of my education at university has just started. During these 2 months I’ve managed to get familiar with all of this. Do I like it, not sure. I thought I’d learn something more on English. I’m on B2 level (A1

If it goes about Russian – I find it to be kinda funny. The way it sounds, the way it’s letters look like, the way it’s being stressed, it’s all funny. It was difficult at first, because I had to learn all letters and then learn to read it. It was like in the first year of primary school. But now, I think, I’m getting better and better at this. I won’t say learning this language is like a piece of cake but it’s not that hard.

I hate my neighbours.

But first things first. 2 hours ago a constable visited us (me and my flatmates) to ask if we are those young people who disturb nights in our block of flats. He got a complaint about it but the complainer hasn’t told the exact number of flat. We told him it couldn’t be us because we don’t do any parties at our flat (true – I’m not that stupid to throw a party on my flat and then pay for the possible damages) but he didn’t believe us, of course. “So who is it?” he attacked, and we said we have no idea, because we haven’t heard anything (true – walls in our tenement house are very thick), what made him more suspicious than before. He asked us which flats are rented by other students and the only one we know of are 4 girls living the next door, so we said so but we mentioned it couldn’t be them as well.

By the way, these girls have thrown a birthday party two weeks ago but they have made a notice on the elevator saying sorry for possible noises. But it was two weeks ago and we barely heard anything. I believe this disturbance took place yesterday and it had to be someone living higher.

But it’s not all, suddenly he asked us if we are registered. At first we said, we are (because our land lord said he’s going to registered only 4 of us so we thought we are registered), but then he asked about document as a proof, so we said our land lord has it. He said we should have it not our land lord and said that if we are not registered it’s offense against law. I was spooked at that moment, we all were. Fortunately, he only said we should do it and left. And I’m pretty sure he’ll be back to check it. If he won’t find guilties and I’m sure he won’t (he does not know number of flat for god’s sake! Nobody will admit to the fault!) he’ll be back soon. But this time we’ll be prepared – the fine is 500złotys what is 100złotys per person what is 1/5 of my pocket money.

Dear neighbours, if you have to complain, at least say who you are complaining for instead of making all students who rent a flat at you block of flats, being suspected! I hate when people say “Noise? Party? Something wrong? It have to be students!”. Bullshit, that’s all I have to say to you. And don’t exaggerate because we haven’t heard anything and you are already calling the Police? Wait! It looks like you haven’t even warn those party people but first thing you did was calling the Police. Ridiculous and boorish!

Speaking of parties, check Get Busy Committee’s latest video of Opening Ceremony. Give the song a chance – I didn’t like it at first but now I think it’s crazy.

Lucky 603rd picture:

PS. Have you noticed it’s snowing at the top of the page?

– паркэр (parker)


One comment on “Long time no speak

  1. Uczysz się ruskiego? No ładnie xD
    Mało za to mieszkanie powiem szczerze. Daleko masz wtedy na uczelnie?
    Uruchomił się stereotyp studenta. Ten co tak imprezuje.

    Utwór: Ryu!!! Jak ja dawno go nie widziałam @.@ No i nie słyszałam.

    Cudny Mike <3

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