Sweet dreams ;(

The evening on 14th of May 1996 was rainy. Sitting in my room I was playing as all kids on the age of 6 do, my mum was preparing the supper. Suddenly we’ve heard someone opening the door with keys, few seconds later I’ve heard my dad’s and sis’s voices so I decided not to interrupt myself in my interesting play. But there was something odd in the noises that came from the living room. My mum’s voice was definitely too squeaky so I left my room to find out what is going on.

Then I saw him.

He was covered with water and mud but he was cute as hell (ok, I haven’t known such words then). Sweet little black puppy was sitting in my living room. My mum was drying him and my sis was giving him milk in small bowl. As soon as he got warmed he started barking and running around us. He was adorable. I was very happy because dad said he bought him to guard our plot where our new home was being finished (at that time we were living in the block of flats and waiting for our new home to be ready to move in) and took him there the next day.

Many years later I have found out his real story. When my dad and sis were coming home they have heard some squeaks that came from small garden in front of our block of flats. They decided to check it out. What they saw wasn’t nice – there was small puppy drowning  in big puddle. Somebody has left him there and they decided to take him with them.

Of all three dogs we have it was he who was coming to welcome us everytime we were coming back home. He didn’t care about frost, rain, snow or sun. He was always barking very loud while saying “hello”. It was very annoying. Everybody was yelling at him “Stop, Dino! Ok, “hello to you too” but – please – stop barking!” but he didn’t care, he was barking anyway.

Today he died. After 14 years and 5 months that we have spent together we had to put him to sleep because of bad condition of his heart, his problems with breathing and age.

Now we all miss his barks. The terrible silence has reigned…

Sweet dreams, Dino.


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