University. Wow. I still cannot believe I made it. I used to think I won’t make it, but… It’s a nice feeling, I can’t deny. I have disappointed nobody finally. It’s new for me. Really. That’s why it is so hard for me to believe it. It was unavailable for me. So that’s what I thought 15 days ago. 15 days ago I was sure I haven’t obtained enough scores to be admitted as a student in one of my dream universities. I was sure I will have to take a one-year-break from learning and retake the leaving exams. I was sure I will bring a shame on my parents. And suddenly… Boom! Maybe my scores aren’t the best under the sun, but they are good enough to make me a student. Because of them I am allowed to continue my education and be able to get a job in the future. Future that today isn’t so dark like it was 15 days ago. Now it is spring green. That green is peaceful, it gives you hope that after frosty, bleak and long winter there will finally come bright, peaceful and warm summer.

You can’t even imagine how calm I am right now. How happy I am, that finally I am able to breathe a sigh of relief and relax. No longer physically but mentally. Of course I still have a lot to do but it seems to be so easy after things I had to do until now. I got positive reply from all three universities that I applied for. For one of them, Katowice University of Economics, I applied in case I wasn’t admitted to the first two. So I had to decide between Cracow University of Economics and Wrocław University of Economics. I had a lot of trouble with this one. Both of the universities have their dark and bright sides and all in all everything equalize. I was aware that something like this (being  admitted to both schools) can happen but I hoped I won’t be admitted to Wrocław and the matter will solve of its own accord. That’s why I was so mad when on 15th of July I got answer from Wrocław “Hello, new student of UE in Wrocław!” (I got reply from UE in Cracow on 14th of July). All in all, it doesn’t matter where I study. These two schools are equal if you consider the level of education. The problem is elsewhere.  Accommodation in Cracow is very poor and expensive. But if I decided to go to Wrocław I would  be there on my own – no-one of my friends is going there and I am too shy to make new friends on my own. In addition, I cannot imagine to rent a room with a person I don’t know. You never know who is that person and what are his/her habits. Maybe it’s stupid but I think it’s important factor.

Anyway, I decided to go to Cracow. Tickets for trains are cheaper (it’s nearer my home than Wrocław but if it goes about being closer to my home it’s 1:0 for Wrocław ;P), this city is more friendly for artists of any kind and I’d like to evolve as a dancer, I have somebody to rent a flat, I like more the major I’ve chosen (in Wrocław I’ve chosen different major – Finance and Accounting) – Management. And here the “I haven’t disappointed my parents” part ends – my dad is not pleased with my choice (he pushed me to choose Wrocław). Classic.

I promised myself that if I will be admitted to my dream school I will change myself a lil’ bit. My habits, my behavior. And I’m going to. I won’t tell ya what exactly I’m going to change  but some of the changes you will be able to notice for sure. Some of them you won’t but it doesn’t matter, what matter is that I will know I’ve changed.

New stage in my life has just begun. Curious how long I will have to wait for the next one…



One comment on “University

  1. Wow. Zmieniłaś lajuja!
    Ughr! Ja się dowiem z Polibudą dopiero 26… Mam wrażenie, że na dzienne się nie dostanę @.@
    Miałaś bardzo dobre wyniki! Nie wątpiłam, że cię przyjmą.

    Och. Na pewno potrafię sobie wyobrazić twój spokój. Mimo, że ja sama chyba wybitnie jakoś nie jestem zestresowana, bo normalnie o studiach staram się nie myśleć.

    Wyobraź sobie, że taka druga osoba, też się tak boi na kogo trafi. Ja byłam na tyle kamikadze, że sobie tylko Łódź wybrałam, a wiadomo, jak Łódź to w sumie bez zmian. 4 lata do Łodzi zapitalałam xD

    Dlaczego tata był za Wrocławiem?

    Obyś dotrzymała swojej obietnicy zmiany ;)

    Och… Następne mogą być przy pracy, chłopaku, narzeczeństwie, małżeństwie, dzieciach, karierze, starzeniu się. Co ważniejsze: to nie musi być w tej kolejności! No może poza tym ostatnim… xD

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