Master and Margarita exhibition

On Sunday 11th July I was on the first exhibition in my life. It was a small local exhibition called Master and Margarita. There could be seen works of art of my aunt Małgorzata Chebel and her two friends Katarzyna Stawerska-Kula and Jarosław Kula.

Sorry for the crappy pictures but the room was really small and there were a lot of people inside so I had little time to take the photographs. There are less pictures of Master’s works because I didn’t managed to do more and my aunts works had a priority, I hope you understand ;)

Master and Margarita

Katarzyna Stawarska-Kula and Jarosław Kula – Master
Marriage has been running atelier in Częstochowa for 10 years while cooperating with Creators Of Sacred Art Society “ECLEZJA” in Cracow.

Studio specialize in painting classical byzantine icons and sacred art of XV. century.

Works of art that were presented on the exhibition are made in unique egg tempera technique with application of gilding. Artists rely upon techniques from period until XV. century.

Their works can be found in the whole Poland and Europe, in private collections in the USA, Australia, Mexico and in Vatican Museums as well.

And my favourite of Master’s work – Padre Pio.

Małgorzata Chebel – Margaret

Numerous trips inter alia to Moscow, Lvov, Vilnius, Kaunas, Druskininkai, Navahradak and also open airs to Smolensk and Crimea caused enchantment and fascination with Orthodox art, in particular with eastern byzantine painting seen in many iconostasis in Orthodox churches.

Has being fascinated for 5 years, she decided to explore art of icons what beared fruits in the first cycle of icons in oil technique.

Her works can be found in private collections in Poland and abroad.

This one is painted on sheet metal that comes from roof of burned library in Jasna Góra.

My favourite – Cross of St Damian.



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