Linkin Park’s message

Mike’s “big news”:

What is this?

It’s name is “site_two”…

Some theories have been made already.
Some people see there “M” and some see “11”. “11” suggests release date of the album as a 11th of September. I doubt it – this day is too painful for that.
Some people associate it with snow so they think the album will be released in Winter. But Linkin Park’s manager said it is going to be released in September…
This picture is made of 13 frames so there are thoughts that album will contain 13 songs. IMHO it’s possible.
I’ll be editting the post adding new theories. Maybe finally we will see something.

I must admit Linkin Park the idea. I won’t solve it because I’m not clever enough but I have to say it’s interesting.

I don’t know why but it makes me smile. While some people are pissed off LOL.


4 comments on “Linkin Park’s message

    • I hope so! Can’t wait to hear it ^^ Can’t wait for bootlegs! Can’t wait for tour pictures! I just can’t wait anymore for anything! xP

    • Maybe it (album) is going to be something fresh in music? You know something that important and something what begins everything like Big Bang? xD

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