Am I visiting Germany in October?

That’s the question for me to answer during next 4 months.
Linkin Park starts touring on 20.10.2010 in Germany. The first show is in Berlin and it’s the only city (of Stuttgart, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne and Hamburg) I consider to go. Berlin is the nearest city to border Germany-Poland.
I really would like to go but I don’t know how it’s gonna be. You see October is the month when I start college. I’m not sure if I am allowed yet to skip classes in 20th day. I don’t want to get into somebody’s bad… Teachers in college are different that those in school…
I have to think it over. I have to wait for July and then maybe I will decide (on July I will know if I am admitted to college or not).
There’s always a chance that show (with further date) in Poland/Czech Republic/Slovakia will be announced soon and that would be better for me (cheaper, nearer, better date).
I missed previous tour because of lack of money. This time I can get the money (I have plenty of time – I can get a job) so I’d like to take my chance.
I have my fingers crossed!

This news about tour are much pleasant since it means that the album is almost ready! Tour in October means that the album has to be released before October! Yay!

235th pic:



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