Let’s get the holidays started!

Today I have had the last exam of Matura – oral exam of English on extended level.
I scored 19 points of 20 what gives 95%.
My score of oral exam of English on standard level: 100%.

I am free now. At least for 4 months.
Tomorrow is going to be the first day of the longest holidays in my life. I’m staying the hell away from education from tomorrow to the first day of October!

Let’s get the holidays (party) started!

84th pic:



5 comments on “Let’s get the holidays started!

  1. Ostro do pracy!
    Kelnerką? Łał… Stabilne ręce masz? xD
    O łał… Ambitne plany, nie ma to tamto. Powodzenia życzę :D

    Racja, pogoda jest o kant… Pośladków -.-“

  2. Wynik rozszerzenia też mnie nie dziwi xD
    4 miesiące… Ja zbzikuję! Ale CV do 4 sklepów dane :D

    • Education is waiting for ya?:D:D Don’t worry, education is going to get me on October. For five years almost without any break :P

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