Yesterday I had oral exam of Polish. Following the schedule I should have started about 4.30p.m. so I decided I will go there an hour earlier because I thought maybe someone won’t show up. I got to school on 3.30p.m. and imagine that I has only just come in and somebody called Mary, it’s your turn!. I thought what the hell? Did I mess something up with the schedule? but I didn’t have time to think it over because I had to give my presentation. As it turned out later, the schedule was changed since April and the headmaster hasn’t told about it anyone…

The topic of my presentation was Motif of love and its artistic creation in works of one of the poets. I have chosen Jan Kochanowski. I think it went well. It was worse with the questions. The teacher asked me if the love in Kochanowski’s works has building or destroying impact on lover. I answered it but I had problems because my mind went blank. Then she asked me which of the books were the most useful for me (we need to handle in the bibliography). But I wasn’t allowed to choose from Kochanowski’s works but from additional publications. Here I had the biggest problem because I put those positions there only because I had to, not because I used them. So I had to improvise and I think she has noticed it. I don’t remember the third question but I’m sure I didn’t answered clearly – I don’t know much about Polish, I’m on profile with extended mathematics and geography!
Nevertheless, I passed it. I got 80%.

If it goes about writing exams:
Polish went ok. I think, I’ll pass it. I don’t care about percentage of it because I don’t need it at all to get to college.
Mathematics on standard level went very good. As I checked with not official answers on the Internet I probably reached more that 90%.
Mathematics on extended level… it’s hard for me to say because I don’t know how examiners will asses it. But it was the first time I have come to an end in 10 tasks of 11. Another story is if I did it correct but I’m proud of myself that I did entire 10 exercises. I didn’t check the answers – there is no use to know it unofficially a month earlier and there is always hope that examiners will assess it with benefits for me.
English on standard level went ok. I think I made an important mistake while writing short form but it depends how examiner will look at it. There is a chance he will let it go. Listening was easy so I’m not worried.
English on extended level didn’t satisfied me. I messed up for and against essay. We had to write advantages and disadvantages of organizing important international sport events by countries. I don’t know why but I had problems with international – I forgot about this word and couldn’t recall it. So I used worldwide but as my Collins dictionary says I should have written world-wide. I’m not sure what they are going to do with this.
But I did worse. I thought they will care about word international as it is in the topic (exercises are in polish). Don’t ask me why but in the opening I crossed out worldwide and wrote national. Why did I do it? I don’t know! But I left worldwide in the conclusion.
Now there is a possibility that I will get very few points of the essay. I hope worldwide in the summary will save me…
In the first listening I understood very few but I did it. The next two went ok, I guess. Reading wasn’t that easy but I did it too. Two grammar exercises wasn’t difficult but I did some mistakes for sure.
During this 8 months I have made a ton of exams of Geography on extended level but I have never seen such difficult one. That’s all I have to say. I didn’t check the answers. I have the feeling that I will pass it but I won’t be satisfied.

All in all, there is a big chance I will pass Matura so I will be able to go to college this year but the question is if I will be able to go to my dream one. We will see in the middle of July.
In case, I have plan B.

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