No introduction – everything you need to know about me you will find on additional sites on this blog, the rest you will find out on my posts.

I’m going to put here everything what concerns me. Inter alia about music I listen to, Mike Shinoda, movies I’ve watched lately, art, funny stuff, my worries, my adventures etc.
I want to explain one thing that will appear here and may be a mystery for some of you. My collection of Mike Shinoda’s pictures contains (at present) over 3700 pictures. I decided I’ll use those pix in my notes (I write in Microsoft Word so I know how many words I have written). Number of words = number of the pic in my gallery that appears in my post in “lottery”. That’s all you have to know.

Have a nice stay in here :) I hope I won’t make you bored and I won’t kill you with my English xP

Lucky 162nd pic:

– P


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